Two Yugoslovian journalists, here covering an official visits, were robbed of $500 and their passports early Tuesday by four women weilding razor blades, D.C. police reported.

The men, who speak little English, later told police they had met two of the women in the Dupont Circle area Monday night and apparently had arranged a rendezvous later in the men's hotel room at the Barbizon Terrace, 2118 Wyoming Ave. NW, police said.

The two women arrived with two friends shortly after midnight, and went to the desk clerk. The men telephoned their permission, and the women went to their room, police said. The women began to talk about sex once they entered the room, police said.

The men were unable to communicate with the women, and asked them to leave, police said, whereupon the women began struggling with the men and pulled out razors. One of the women cut the telephone cord and threw the phone into a sink, while the others took the passports and money, police said. The suspects then fled.

The men were here to cover the White House visit of Edvard Kardelj, the second-ranking official in the Yugoslavian government. Kardelj and his entourage and the journalists left for Yugoslavia yesterday afternoon.

"I've heard that story many, many times," said detective Larry Farr. a veteran of the city's prostitution unit. Many women appearing to be prostitutes are robbers as well, or robbers instead, police say, and they frequently attack men who expect only siex.

There are hundreds of prostitutes working in the city, here at least in part because they believe the city courts are lenient on prostitution, police say.

In the last few months, following publicity about the problem, police stationed uniformed men in what was the heaviest concertration of prostitutes, the Thomas Circle area. The increased patrols have served to disperse the prostitutes into other downtown areas, particularly along Connecticut Avenue and near many of the city's major hotels.