Master Charge. Bankamericard, Diners Club cards accepted. Open 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Mon. through Sat. Closed Sundays. Ground floor accessible to the handicapped.

The Alexion, at 715 King St. in Alexandria, is the kind of family restaurant I remember going to as a child - no gimmicks, just booths, formica table tops and simple, good food.

The Alexion, run by the Kyriacou family who for several years operated the nearby Hollywood restaurant, is typical of what is happening to businesses on the western edge of Alexandria's expanding old town. The Hollywood was what could politely be called "down at the heels." That's gone now.

The Kyriacou family has taken an old building further down the street, gutted it and redone it in an unpretentious colonial manner with bare beams, spatter-painted blue chandeliers and plants hung in the big mullioned window overlooking King Street.

Upstairs things are a bit fancier (and the menu is a little more sophisticated and pricey) with shinning old pine floors, a handsome mantle at one end of the large dinning room and an antique sideboard at the other.

We ate downstairs, and I would suggest that anyone with small children do the same.

It was a rainy night, so we ordered soup first - a cup of tasty homemade cream of vegetable for me, at 60 cents, and a bowl of French onion for my husband, $1.25, which was not quite as tasty. The children mooched.

Then came our salads, which were fresh and good.

For the main course we had a choice of roast beef, $3.50, baked meat loaf, $2.25, baked macaroni and cheese, $2.25, ham with pineapple ring, $3.75, pork chops, $3.75. The menu's most expensive item was a broiled steak for $5.50. The boys decided to split a half chicken, fried, $3.50, which came with French fries, and green beans.

My husband had the spaghetti with meat balls, at $3.10, which he said were very good. I had a hard time choosing among the Greek specialities offered. There was spanakotyropita spinach and cheese pie for $2.75, mousaka at $3.25, and stuffed cabbages rolls in cream sauce for $2.65. I settled on stuffed green pepper and tomato, $3.25, which was delicious.

The chicken portions were sogenerous that even two little boys couldn't finish the amount served, so the children asked for a "boy bag" and took it home, where they ate it for lunch the next day.

We were sorry not to have time for desert, as those available sounded tempting - creme caramel, 75 cents, baklava, 85 cents, rice pudding, 75 cents, galacto-boureko, 85 cents, and others. We made a mental note to visit the Alexion a second time when there's a fire in the hearth upstairs and try some of their baklava.

The restaurant also serves a wide range of sandwiches and several cold plates, plus omelettes.