Eight of 10 Republican candidates running for the House of Delegates as Fairfax County have signed a fair campaign code prepared by the county's Fair Campaign Practices Commission.

The Republicans earlier had refused to sign the code after the county Republican Committee chairman. Joseph Ragan, denounced the commission saying he wasn't going "to let our candidates be used by a fradulent commission."

The Republican candidates had asked the Virginia attorney general to advise them as to whether the candidates for the General Assembly have to abide by the countys seven-member Fair Campaign Practices Commission.

The attorney general advised them that since the commission was created by a resolution of the county board of supervisors their complaince with the commission was voluntary.

Only two Republican candidates - Robert L. Thoburn and Lawrence D. Pratt - have refused to voluntarily sign the commission's fair campaign code.

All the Democratic candidates in the delegates' races in the county have signed the code.

Leslie Bryne, chairman of the Fair Campaign Practices Commission, said even though two Republicans have refused to sign the code the commission still intends to monitor their campaigns. "It would be nice to have their 'Thoburn and Pratt support, but it's not essential," she said.

The commission has been the center of controversy between the two parties in this year's elections. The Democrats like it. The Republicans don't.

The Republican Committee's dislike for the commission stems from decisions two years ago that favored the Democrats, Ragan has charged that the commission is "a political instrument to be used against the Republican Party."

The seven member commission is made up of two Republicans and two Democrats appointed by the chairmen of their respective parties, plus three independents, who are appointed by the four commission members.

Ragan has also asked Republican commission member, Robert Dively, to resign, but Dively refuses to do so.

The Republicans currently serving on the commission were appointed by Ragan's predecessor.

Ragan says he is "uncomfortable with the commission make-up" because he has not appointed any Republicans to the commission nor has he approved the commission's guidelines.