Residents of neighborhoods covered by the residential parking program can get parking stickers from the District's Municipal Services Center, 300 D St. NW, Room 1157, if they have not already obtained them.

The stickers cost $5 and are best handled by mail by residents who have their cars registered to their home addresses. Application forms are circulated in the affected neighborhoods before the parking restrictions go into effect.

Residents whose cars are not registered to their home addresses will have to show proof that they fall into one of four categories: Armed Forces personnel, members of Congress or their immediate staff, presidential appointees or students. They may obtain a reciprocity sticker for out-of-state licenses by going to room 1063 and showing their car registration, proof that they now live in the District and proof of their exempt status (for example, as a member of the Armed Forces). The reciprocity sticker is free.

Out-of-state residents then must have their reciprocity sticker and proof of residency to obtain the residential parking permit. Only four kinds of proof of residency are permitted: a lease, a utility bill, a copy of a settlement agreement for those who own their homes or a notarized statement from a landlord. Rent receipts, which were accepted until a month ago, are no longer acceptable because officials believe Georgetown and George Washington University students have tried to obtain stickers with forged receipts, said Peter Hairston, parking division bureau chief.

The requirements for proof of residency are not well known or explained in the material circulated in the neighborhoods. Thus, last week several residents reported large numbers of people being turned away at the Department of Motor Vehicles because the proof of residency they brought was not the right proof. One Capitol Hill resident reported standing in line and watching each of the five persons in front of him get turned away for insufficient proof of residency - until he got to the window and was turned away too.