A former president of Georgetown University has charged that the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) has undertaken a "massive, covert social campaign" seeking to create in this country "a society of complete sexual license such as has never existed in history."

The Rev Robert J. Henle, S.J., said that the plan proposes to use U.S. funds to support "massive immoral social change, to impose on our society their own (PPFA's) ideology and to establish secular humanism as our civil or social religion."

Writing in a special supplement to the October issue of the Catholic League Newsletter, a publication of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights based here, Father Henle, now professor of justice at St. Louis University said:

"This general (PPFA) goal is translated into universal freedom and universal provision of needed services in contraceptions, abortion and sterilization, and removal of all obstacles to sexual choice . . . all social and 'cultural' restraints, all parental authority, all 'taboos' are to be banished from the sex mores of our society."

Father Henle also said that "very few Catholic leaders seem to be aware of this coordinated campaign" by an organization that he said "views itself as "the nation's foremost agent of social change in the area of reproductive health and well-being.'"

Father Henle said Planned Parenthood plans to raise more than $500 million to finance the plan and a "substantial amount of this is to be from federal sources."

Terming it undeniable that Planned Parenthood receives tax dollars for abortion and for the "subversion and corruption of the nation's youth," the newsletter said the Catholic League has challenged the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare to specify sources and purposes of public funds given to Planned Parenthood.