Prince George's County police yesterday charged Lon A. Lewis, 28, of Bowie, and a fellow computer technician with the stabbing death of Lewis' 27-year-old wife, Carol, and his 4-month-old daughter, Heather.

Lewis, of 4807 Raemore La., and Gene T. Meyer, 27, of 118 Monroe St., Rockville, Lewis' coworker for the Texas-based Data Point Corp., were charged with murder in the stabbing deaths that occurred Sept. 23 in Lewis' home.

On the afternoon of the murders, police were called to the scene by Lewis, who said he discovered the bodies when he returned home from work. Police officers said the bodies of Mrs. Lewis and the baby had been cut, slashed, punctured and bruised by a knife or blunt instrument that has not been discovered. They said the kitchen floor was covered with "gallons of blood."

After interviewing neighbors, police began searching for a young blond suspect seen entering the house during the day carrying a dark attache case.

For two weeks 30 detectives canvassed the Rockledge section fo Bowie where the murders occured, seeking clues without much success.

Meanwhile, police said Lewis had attended the funeral of his family and then went to Michigan to visit his parents. Police said he returned home Oct. 5 and then went into the Criminal Investigation Bureau in Forestville for an interview the next day.

Lewis and his coworker, who police allege committed the actual slayings, were arrested Friday. Both suspects are being held without bond in the Upper Marlboro Detention Center. Police refused to comment on a possible motive for the slayings.

Neighbors of both Lewis and Meyer expressed "shock" yesterday after learning about the arrests.

Several neighbors, including Clair Maschauer, did not believe what they had heard, "After it happened, (Lewis) acted like anyone who lost his wife and child."

Maschauer, who attended the funeral of Carol Lewis and her daughter, said Lewis appeared as if he suffered a great loss. "All of us amateur detectivesin the neighborhood never suspected him."