What improvements would you like to see made in Brookland? Staff writer Joann Stevens and staff photographer Linda Wheeler went to Brookland to ask residents how they felt about their community.

Rodney Ferguson, 16, student at St. Anthony's High School, resident at 14th and Varnum NE: "They could put basketball courts or something recreational for kids to do where the convent house used to be."

Farris Hart, 58, works in a dietary department at a college, resident at 12th and Perry Streets NE: "I think Brookland is a very convenient location as far as shopping is concerned. The small stores suit me just fine. We could use some apartments up here. The apartment building we live in is kind of old."

Larry Harvell, 26, IBM programmer, resident at 7th and Quincy Street NE: "I would like more entertainment for my age group - clubs places to do. Now I go downtown but I'd rather stay up here. I was born and raised in this neighborhood but I'm moving downtown because of the lack of entertainment here. Basically I just want a music place, with disco, '50s type of music, everything."

Robert Jenifer, 16, student at St. Anthony's High School, resident at 10th and Taylor NE: "There use to be an old convent house (on 19th and Monroe NE) down here. All there is is a big stretch of dirt now. They could build some new houses up there or restore it and plants trees and grass."

Vic McCrary, 22, manager of the Newton Theater, 12th and Newton Street NE: "I think the businessmen should get together. For example, the storefronts here are kind of ratty and rundown. If they got together and at least fixed up the outside that would benefit the community. I think it could also attract more people into the community."

Mrs. Alfred C. Potee, retired, resident of the 1300 block of Monroe Street NE: "Well there's a few spots that could stand improvements. There's a store up on the corner that put its trash out on the Monroe side of the street. I think they should put their trash cans in the basement or in the back like we have to do. They're running over sometimes and we have to look at that."

Matt Temple, 27, Carmelite Seminarian resident on Harewood Road.: "I like it because it's like a small town. You've got small stores, and Catholic University is a part of it. I've heard it described as one of the last true neighborhoods."