An International Council on Biblical Inerrancy has been formed in Chicago to organize a 10-year effort to study and defend the doctrine of Biblical inerrancy and to educate the evangelical community of its importance, according to Eternity magazine.

Dr. Jay Grimstead, a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary and formerly on the staff of Young Life is executive director of the council. He stressed that " we are committed to speak whatever we speak in a way that will be considered loving, wise and scholarly."

Such evangelical scholars as Gleason Archer, Edmund Clowney. NOrman Geisler, John Gerstner, Harold Hockner, Donald Hoke, Harold Lindsell, J. I. Packer, Robert Preus, Earl Radmacher. Francis Schaeffer and R.C. sproul are associated with the council. It is being financed by several $1,000 gifts from evangelical leaders and a $10,000 gift from an unnamed evangelical organization.

The new organization plans to hold a major conference in Chicago next October and to sponsor dialogues during 1979-1981 on seminary campuses among inerrantists and noninerrantists to clarify issues.

Some evangelical scholars have reacted negatively to the formation of the council. Dr. Clark Pinnock of McMaster Divinity School in Ontario said, "The last thing we need is a 10-year inerrancy campaign. Our concern should be with the blatant liberals who demythologize parts of the Old and New Testaments.