Marvin Mandel, who was removed as governor of Maryland following his sentencing on political corruption charges on Oct. 7, apparently has not completely abandoned the ship of state, according to Ocean City Mayor Harry Kelley.

On Friday, following a powerful storm that damaged the beaches of Ocean City, the mayor said he received a call from Mandel.

The familiar voice on the other end of the telephone offered manpower, equipment and state aid to cope with storm damage, Kelley said, even though Mandel has absolutely no authority under Maryland law since his removal and replacement by Acting Gov. Blair Lee III.

"I was amazed at the phone call. We thought it was a joke," said Kelley. He said he was sure by the voice, that he talked to Marvin Mandel. No Mandel spokesman was available for comment.

Kelley said the former governor was acting just as he had when Ocean City suffered from the freeze last year.

"I said I appreciated the call and then I asked why he called me," said Kelley. The former governor responded: "I have always been interested in Ocean City and Harry Kelley."

Kelley said Mandel told him he would call him Monday to tell him whether there were still funds in the budget for Ocean City to purchase an additional bulldozer.

"I really appreciated the call. We still call him governor here, you know," Kelley said.