A man who worked as a private security guard in supermarkets and banks was killed yesterday by a District police officer when the guard attempted to shoot another man on 13th Street NW, District police said.

Police said Leroy Evans, 43, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Washington Hospital Center after he was shot by officer George Bellinger at 11:05 a.m. yesterday. Evans, who was out of uniform, was shot in front of his residence at 1927 13th St. NW, police said.

According to police, officer Bellinger went to the 13th Street address after police received a call that two men, one of whom was armed, were fighting on the sidewalk in front of the 13th Street address.

When officer Bellinger arrived police said, he found Evans and an unidenified man fighting over a gun. Police said the gun belonged to Evans and was the one he used in his job as a security guard.

As the police officer approached the fight, police said, Evans pulled away from the other man and fired one shot at the man's head, missing.

Officer Bellinger then ordered Evans to drop the gun, police said, and Evans refused.

Evans continued to aim his gun at the other man according to police, and officer Bellinger repeatedly ordered him to drop the gun.

Evans suddenly turned and aimed the gun at officer Bellinger, police said, and Bellinger immediately fired one shot that hit Evans.

Police refused to disclose what Evans and the other man were arguing about at the time of the shooting.

Neighbors said Evans moved into a single room in the third floor of a private house at the 13th street address about a year ago.

He lived there with his girl friend, neighbors said, and had worked as a security guard at nearby banks and supermarkets.