Five persons were arrested yesterday after they staged an antineutron bomb protest that temporarily disrupted services being attended President Carter and his family at the First Baptist Church at 16th and O Streets NW.

The five, who identified themselves as members of the "Atlantic Light Community," an antiwar group based in Baltimore, rose ore at a time from the congregation and attempted to read a statement delouncing the neutron bomb.

According to Dr. Charles Sanks associate pastor of the Church, the domonstrators were "approached (by the ushers) and asked not to do this." When the demonstrators continued reading from a prepared statement, said Sanks, they were "escorted out." There was a "feeling of genuine escort," he said.

However, the United Press International reported that as the first demonstrators rose to his feet and begin to read, a church usher rushed over to him, grabbed the statement and placed his own hand over the demonstrators mouth.

As the protestor as being pulled from a pew a woman rose in the different section of the church and continued the statement. The scene was repeated each time ushers tried to quell the demonstrators, according to UPI.

After the service President Carter, who was attending the servicewith his wife, Rosalynn and daughter, Amy, called the demonstrators "all fine people, and I agree with their purpose to climinate nuclear weapons.

Carter, who said that neither he nor the Secret Service felt the President was in any danger, went on to say that "I think they (the demonstrators were mistaken in trying to disrupt the church services."

Sanks said that each of the demonstrators read from the same statement, picking up where the previous Sanks said that each of the demonstrators read from the same statement, picking up where the previous protestor left off. They appeared to "assume that they wouldn't be permitted" to finish reading, he said after the service.

There was a similar demonstration at the church two weeks ago - Carter was not present then - and Sanks said it is certainly that this will continue".

Asked if anything could be done to prevent it, he said 'no. because we want to keep the church open to all who want to worship. But if we kept it open to all who wanted to speak . . . it would be pandemonium."

The demonstration occurred just as Pastor Charles Trentham was about to begin a sermon about dealing with with death.

The protestors' statement also dealt with death, reading in part. "Christians cannot love their enemies and still threaten them with nuclear death. Christians who threaten with a nuclear sword will die by a nuclear sword . . ."

Those arrested and charged with disturbing a religious service were identified by police as Mary Catherine Lyons, 45, Rosemary Maguire, 24, Ladon Sheats, who refused to give his age and James NcNiel, 21, all of whom gave Baltimore addresses. The fifth person arrested was identified as Paul Emerson Hood, 51, of Philadelphia.

Police said that three of the protestors were released without bond and one was expected to post $25 colloteral Police said Sheats refused to post collateral and is being held for arraignment today in D.C. Superior Court.