The House voted its support last night for converting the Forrestal Building at 10th Street and Independence Avenue SW into headquarters for the new Department of Energy.

The action, on a measure providing $17 million in moving and building conversion costs, clears one obstacle to the move of about 10,000 federal employees into and out of the structure.The Senate still must act.

The Forrestal Building, completed in 1969, now is occupied by 5,000 employees of various agencies of the Department of Defense, who will be moved to other locations. Many have protested.

Their move will permit 5,000 employees the new Department of Energy to be moved into Forrestal.

Funds for the move are included in a supplemental appropriation bill that reached the House yesterday. Rep. John M. Myers (R-Ind.) sought to eliminate the $17 million, contending the department could be housed adequately at Buzzard Point while use of Forrestal is further studied. The Myers move lost on a voice vote.

The House also voted 215 to 202 to appropriate $9.1 million for facilities to train students of diplomacy at University. An effort to eliminate the funds was made by Rep. Marjorie S. Holt (R-Md.).