Montgomery County filed a suit last week against two former salesmen of the Rollins Protective Services Company alleging that the men used scare tactics and deception to make sales.

The suit alleges that former Rollins salesmen Ted Goldfarb of 1900 Lyttonsville Rd., Silver Spring, and Ashby Lowry Jr. of 8802 Enfield Court, Laurel, brandished a crowbar while attempting to make sales in some Montgomery County homes in an effort to convince consumers that "if the consumer were present in his residence during a burglary, that the probability was high that he or a member of his family would be injured or killed."

Both men misrepresented to the public that the Rollins security systems are recommended and approved by the county police department, according to the suit.

In addition, Lowry allegedly told one county resident that President Carter and Sen. John Glenn (D-Ohio), both have the Rollins security system installed in their homes, which is false.

The suit also says Goldfarb deceived a prospective buyer by telling the person that Rollins would cover its customers against any monetary losses in the event that the Rollins security system should fail during a burglary.

A spokesman for Rollins, an Atlanta-based corporation with offices throughout the U.S., said Lowry and Goldfarb are no longer employed by the company. The spokesman said that using scare tactics or false statements "is not our company's practice."

The suit asks that both defendants be permanently enjoined from engaging in any deceptive trade practices and be fined $500 for each violation of proper trade practices.