All federal and District of Columbia government offices will be closed in observance of Veterans Day next Monday. Oct. 24.

Maryland and Virginia state offices will remain open and will observe Nov. 11th as Veterans Day instead.

In the Washington metropolitan area, some county and municipal offices will be open and others won't. The same is true for schools, banks, savings and loan associations and other government services.

For example, Arlington and Montgomery County government offices and Alexandria and Falls Church municiapl offices will be closed.

County offices that will be open include those in Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William and Prince George's.

Public schools in Falls Church. Loudoun, Prince William and Prince George's.

Public schools in Falls Church, Loudoun County, Alexandria, Arlington and the District of Columbia will be closed.

Public schools in Prince William, Prince George's, Fairfax and Montgomery counties will be open.

In Virginia, state liquor stores, vehicle registration and inspection offices will be open. Liquor will also be availabe in Prince George's County and the District.

Montgomery County liquor stores will be closed.

The regular trash collection schedule will be followed Monday in Prince George's, Montgomery, Fairfax and Arlington Counties.

However, in Falls Church and the District, the regular Monday trash collection will be postponed until Tuesday and Tuesday's regular collection postponed to Wednesday.

In the District and much of the Washington metropolitan area, metro buses will travel on Saturday schedules and the subway will be closed.

Much of the confusions about what is open in Veterans Day, a day to honor American's servicemen and women, exists because there are two observances of Veterans Day - Oct. 24 and Nov. 11.

"This just confuses everbody," said Julian Morris, a spokesman for the Veterans Administration. "There are only three states left that even fool with the Oct. 24th Veterans Day - Rhode Island, Utah and Hawaii - plus the District and the federal government."

Morris said that in 1963. Congress changed Veterans Day from Nov. 11 to the fourth Monday in October at the insistence of the motel and travel industries that wanted to promote more three-day weekends.

Previously, Veterans Day was Nov. 11 and called Armistice Day, which celebrated the signing of the armistice ending World War I.

Because of the confusion that the date change caused and because of lobbying by veterans groups. Congress passed a law recently that restores Veterans Day next year toNov. 11.