A convicted bank robber, sought by homicide detectives in the murder here last Tuesday of a man with an extensive record of drug dealing, surrendered to investigators at D.C. police headquarters yesterday, police reported.

Police said Nathaniel F. (Naeball) McQueen, 28 of 3504 13th St. SE, was charged with homicide in connection with the "execution-style" slaying of Ralph L. Payne, 37, who was to have appeared in U.S. District Court here next charges.

McQueen said he came to police headquarters at 300 Indiana Ave, NW with his lawyer, his parole officer and his girl friend after learning that police had a warrant for his arrest.

McQueen spoke in a telephone interview from the central cellblock headquarters where he is being held pending arraignment this morning in D.C. Superior Court.

"I'm smart enough to know they didn't lock people up for nothing," said McQueen, who insisted that someone had "fingered" him for the murder of Payne.

McQueen, who sais he is unemployed and "struggling to get by how I can, like most people," said he does not recall Payne's name or meeting the 6-foot-6, 230-pound Payne, known as "Big Ralph."

After the shooting Tuesday at Payne's apartment at 3636 16th St. NW, police characterized the victim as "a fairly active (drug) dealer" in the area of 14th and T Streets NW.

Police said Payne was shot once in the hcest after he opened his apartmnet door and was confronted by two gunmen who forced him back into the apartment and struggled with him.

During the struggle, police said, one man pulled Payne's jacket to his waist, pinning his ares to his sides. After ordering Payne's girl friend, who also was in the apartment to place a pillow over her head, one of the gunmen shot Payne, police said.

"I cane down here cause I didn't do nothing," McQueen said from the cell-block yesterday. "This is the only way to clear it up. I'm willing to go through this mess because I have a whole lot of faith in the system."