Ever since Virginia's proposed $125 million bond issue came under attack by Kenneth White and the Virginia Taxpayers Association he heads, supporters of the bond issue have been wondering who Kenneth White is.

White and his Lynchburg-based group are something of an enigma to state officials. The group is not incorporated and is not required to file either lobbying or election finance reports under Virginia law.

However, one high-ranking state official has been telling "a number of people" who White is, E.R. (Red) English, chairman of the Virginia State Port Authority and a resident of the Lynchburg area, told a Washington Post reporter, among others, that White is a highly respected Lynchburg lawyer and a bank director there. The antibond White had been reluctant to discuss his background with the reporter.

Yesterday in a story on the bond issue, the reporter used English's description of White.

No one was more upset over that description that Lynchburg lawyer and bank director Kenneth S. White, who is a strong supporter of the bond issue. "I can't think of anything I disagree with more" than some of the comments that the anti-bond White expressed in The Post article he said.

Probond White is a member of the executive committee of the Virginia State Bar, a lawyers' group that recently went on record as supporting the bonds.

The antibond White is president of the Virginia Taxpayers Assosciation. He is involved in real estate sales and lives north of Lynchburg in Nelson County, Va.

English, who is on the same bank board as lawyer White, said yesterday he had misidentified White to "a number of people," including officials of "Virginians for Bonds," a statewide probond group. "I don't mind admitting I thought it was (lawyer) 'Kenneth White' I thought I was identifying," English said yesterday."

"I'm sorry," he said, "it was just a case of mistaken identity."

The Post regrets the error and any embarrasment the story may have caused White - that is, Kenneth S. White, the Lynchburg lawyer and bank director.