A 21-year-old Bethesda man was in good condition yesterday, according to a Bethesda Naval Hospital spokesman, after he was discovered in Wheaton with 42 fishhooks snagged in his body.

Montgomery County police said Vincent J. Pervel, who is a petty officer third class at the Bethesda Naval Hospital, was taken to Holy Cross Hospital at approximately 10:30 p.m. Friday after he was discovered in the 11100 block of Valley View.

Police said they have closed the case because Pervel, who was later transferred to Bethesda Naval Hospital from Holy Cross, refused to cooperate in the investigation.

Police said they are unsure whether the wounds were self inflicted or whether they were inflicted by "three mysterious men" who Pervel said perpetrated the crime.

According to police, Pervel said three men snagged each hook into his body after asking the question "Are you a Mormon?"

One Wheaton rescue officer said 40 hooks about two inches long were stuck in Pervel's chest, while two three-inch hooks were snagged in his inner thighs.

Police said Pervel refused to identify the perpetrators and would not describe what had happened to him.

A spokesman for the Bethesda Naval Hospital his car near the hospital. The spokesman said Pervel told them he was abducted by "several men" to a building in Kensington where the hooks were snagged into his body.