The October show at Tomorrow's Sunrise Gallery in Kensington is a double bill with drawings by Irvin Temple and photography by Ned Gray.

Irvin Temple's show is a carefully chosen sampling of his work from 1973-77. His early collages, classically organized shapes dominated by bursts of warm, strong color, are followed by a series of mixed papers which he effectively combines in soft and hard edges.

The inclusion of the written word as an integral part of his images blends well visually. However in the poetry writing is distracting sentimental or dry in content. Temple's most recent paintings are in neutral tones, powerful images and swooping lines in such a little space that these works feel much larger than they are.

Ned Gray's photographs are almost standard stuff - images we've seen before - of empty streets and landscapes. His eye for texture and simple shapes does make his work generally pleasant, if not exciting.

The stunner of his show, quietly hung on a wall by itself, is a landscape and its mirror image. Gray has printed his negative one way, turned it over and printed it again, aligning the two prints side by side. Executed skillfully, this landscape has a moving, surreal quality.