To protect Metrobus passengers from the weather, the transit authority will extend the cover of the outdoor bus platform at the Pentagon Metro station and install 25 additional shelters at six stations where large numbers of passengers transfer to buses.

Designers for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority are working on a plan to extend the Pentagon canopy six feet so that it covers the entire bus stop area, and they plan to enclose the open space with material similar to the transparent covers over the station escalators. The design is expected to take two of three months, with construction scheduled to begin early next year. The Department of Defense has agreed to pay half of the estimated $300,000 cost.

Fourteen new shelters will be installed at the bus bays at the Rhode Island Avenue station this December, and four more shelters at the Stadium-Armory station were scheduled for completion today. Two additional shelters each at Potomac Avenue and Federal Center SW, and an extra shelter at Crystal City are scheduled to be installed this December. Two more shelters at Dupont Circle are scheduled to be installed this January if the adjacent property owner approves the location.

The transit authority has installed more than 320 bus passenger shelters at Metrobus stops where large numbers of people wait. In the District, 160 have been installed since the program began in 1974.