The following public hearings have been scheduled by the D.C. City Council:

A public hearing on the confirmation of a mayoral nomination to the District's Public Service Commission is set for Oct. 1 before the City Council's Committee of the Whole.

The hearing will be held at 4 p.m. in Room 500 of the District Building, 14th and E Streets NW. The mayor has nominated Elizabeth Hayes Patterson, 231 Ingraham St, NW, to serve a three-year term.

The Public Service Commission decides matters concerning public utilities such as gas, electricity and telephone. It currently has several cases before it, including a proposed gas rate increase, a proposed electricity rate increase and a proposed charge for telephone directory assistance.

A public hearing on the confirmation of James L. Denson of 1719 Verbana St. NW to the District's Board of Elections and Ethics for a three-year term is scheduled for 3 p.m. Oct. 1 in Room 500 of the District Building.

Another public hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. Oct. 1 in Room 500 of the District Building on the confirmation of two mayoral nominations to the board of directors of the Redevelopment Land Agency. The nominees are Patricia A. King, 1277 Delaware Ave. SW, for a second term to expire in 1981, and Joseph F. Hennessey, 3767 Oliver St. NW, for a term to expire in 1980. Hennessey would full the unexpired term of Robert L. Nelson, who has resigned.

The RLA is charged with the responsibility of redeveloping blighted territory in the District and prevention, reduction and elimination of blighting factors.

Public hearings on the confirmation of nine mayoral nominations to the Rental Accommodations Commission have been scheduled for 7 p.m., Nov. 1, in Room 500 of the District Building.

The mayor has nominated Marie S. Nahikian of 1855 Mintwood Pl. NW and Judy R. Walton of 2801 Pennsylvania Ave. SE for reappointment as tenant members. He also nominated James Altes of 1840 Mintwood Pl. NW for appointment as a tenant member. Nominated for reappointment as landlord members are Raymond J. Howar, 4200 Cathedral Ave. NW; Ronald Goodwin, 2557 36th St. SE, and Flaxie M. Pinkett, 4210 Argyle Terrace NW.

The mayor also nominated Michael J. Moorehead, 4817 Linnean Ave. NW, for reappointment as a public member of the commission. Other public member nominees are Richard H. Streeter of the firm Wheeler and Wheeler, Southern Building, 15th H Streets NW; and Jerome Shuman, 1630 Juniper St, NW.

Citizens who wish to give oral testimony in opposition to any of the above nominations may do so by registering with Arlene Kelliebrew at 724-8028 by the close of business Friday. Those who wish to provide written statements in support or in opposition to any nominee can do so by addressing their comments to Robert Williams, Secretary to the Council, Room 507, District Building, 14th and E Streets NW, Washington, D.C. 20004. The official hearing records close Nov. 15.