"What do you believe the city could do to improve the neighborhoods in Congress Heights?" Staff reporter Joann Stevens and staff photographer Linda Wheeler went to the Congress Heights area to ask residents for their views. Readers are invited to suggest City Views questions for their neighborhoods. Send them to City Views, District Weekly, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, DC. 20005 .

Romance Byrd, crossing guard, resident at Forrester Street and Galveston Place SW: "I live in an apartment and the trash in the alleys needs to be picked up more. We worked to get the lights (on the street) but they're planning to dump raw sewage in the Potomac and the smell we get off the river is awful."

Barbara Covington, 18, umemployed, resident on Livingston Road and Atlantic Avenue SE: "Everything around here needs straightening out. The trash never gets dumped. Back over there along Livingston Road trash is just running over into the streets. They haven't collected it in two weeks."

Charles T. Green, police officer, 7th District: "There's a lot of unemployment. I notice most of the people who are arrested are unemployed, and they don't have any marketable job skills for Washington, because we have no industry. They missed their opportunity in government jobs and being able to work with their hands doesn't help them in a city without industry."

Keith Greene, 20, employee at McBride's Department Store, resident at First Street and Atlantic Avenue SE: "As far as the streets are concerned there's a major problem with street repairs. Down on Chesapeake Street they're doing a lot of sewer jobs. They're messing up the streets and the cars."

Beverly Johnson, 24, unemployed, 13th and Savannah SE: "We need better shopping areas. I have to go out to the mall to shop. There's no nearby shopping for people without cars. Also more police protection is needed. I'm afraid to walk the streets at night because of crime."

Ellery Johnson, 17, student at Ballou High School, resident on Livingston Road and Atlantic Avenue SE: "I think they should put some type of recreation in that field (a vacant field at 4th and Wayne Place). The trash collection is trifling, too. Everywhere you look there (along Livingston Road) you don't see nothing but trash."

Vernon Winestock, 19, employee at The General Store, resident at Valley Avenue and Atlantic Avenue SE: "They could give everybody jobs around here and they need to hurry up and fix the sewers - everything backs up into my house on Valley Avenue. They also need more police protection. It seems like everyday you hear about somebody getting hurt around here."