It was about 9:40 p.m. Thursday when Maryland state police frantically radioed Virginia authorities as they raced after the man who was barreling across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in his 1975 Chrysler into Virginia.

The chase had already been in progress for about 10 minutes. The man, at that point, had already eluded four Maryland troopers by turning off his headlihgt and darting through traffic at speeds ranging up to 120 miles an hour, police said.

Police said the man had also tried to ram one trooper's patrol car and had tried to run another off the road.

Police said the chase began when Maryland state police tried to stop 30-year-old Daniel Holland Jr., of Lanham, for allegedly speeding near Central Avenue and the Beltway.

The cahse ended - 35-miles away - after the suspect allegedly eluded eight patrol cars, avoided two running road blocsk, and smashed his car into a concrete divider near I-66 in Virginia.

"He just blew by me," said Virginia state trooper James Giambrone, who heard the Maryland state police alert and joined a slow moving blockade with two Fairfax County patrolmen at Rte. 50 and the Beltway in Virginia.

Trooper Giambrone said the driver went around the blockade.

"I jumped on the gas and caught up with him," said Giambrone. The man "never put on his brakes" as he darted around slow moving cars, Giambrone said.

"I got beside him and ahead of him but I had to slow down because of traffic," said Giambrone.

The trooper said the suspect was traveling in the center lane of the Beltway when he pulled up behind a slow moving car just north of I-66 at Tysons Corner.

Giambrone said the suspect tried to swerve to the left to avoid the car and lost control of his vehicle. He slammed into a concrete highway divider, the trooper said.

"It was unreal . . . my heart went into my stomach. The car hit the wall and then sparks jumped 10 feet . . . It lit the whole highway up with sparks."

Giambrone said the suspect's car then came off the divider spinning counter clock-wise, miraculously missing cars on the roads. The trooper said the car then hit a guard rail, flipped and landed on its top.

"I stopped my vehicle and was the first one to get down to him. I saw he was alive and heard him screaming: "Get me out of here."

Holland was taken to Fairfax County hospital by ambulance, where he was in fair condition yesterday, according to a hospital spokeswoman. He suffered a broken pelvis, injured nose and received more than 70 stitches to close up various wounds.

In Maryland, Holland is charged with assault with intent to avoid lawful apprehension, exceeding the posted speed limit by 30 miles an hour, reckless driving, turning off lights to avoid identication, driving under the influence of alchohol changing lanes when it was unsafe to do so and following too closely.