A 27-year-old Sussex County, Va., woman testified yesterday in Fairfax General District Court that one of two armed escapees from a southeastern Virginia prison camp raped her at gunpoint in an unoccupied Fairfax County home after abducting her from her Sussex home on Sept. 25.

The woman said Richard G. Moxley, 30, of Hampton, told her he would kill her if she did not have sexual relations with him. The other escapee, Jimmy Lee Pusey, 19, of Powhatan, tried to talk Moxley out of assaulting her, the Sussex mother testified during a 15-minute closed hearing.

Moxley has been charged with rape and use of the firearm in connection with the rape. The Sussex County woman was abducted from her home and driven 150 miles to the Clifton area of southwestern Fairfax where she was raped and tied up.

In addition, Moxley and Pusey have been charged with two counts of abduction, robbery and the use of firearm in the commission of a felony in connection with an incident involving a Fairfax County family from whom they allegedly stole food, money and the family's car.

After listening to testimony, Judge John A. Rothrock jr., ruled that there was probable cause that Moxley and Pusey had committed the crimes with which they are charged, and sent their cases to a Fairfax Circuit Court grand jury for consideration.

Six other charges against the two convicts were dropped either because of lack of evidence or because those same charges are pending in Southamption County.