Arlington police said they have temporarily stopped towing away cars which are violating parking laws and have at least three unpaid parking violations on county records.

The action is the result of a $120,000 suit filed by Arlington resident Mark Jeffrey Glueck whose car was towed away last August, according to court papers filed in U.S. District Court in Alexandria.

Glueck alleges that the county police violated his constitutional rights by towing his car without giving him a hearing first. Glueck contends that there was no judicial determination finding he was illegally parked Aug. 11 when his car was towed or that he had three or more outstanding tickets or that he was even informed of the tickets.

According to a county ordinance, a car which is violating a parking law and has at least three unpaid parking tickets can be towed and impounded.

Arlington County Attorney Jerry Emrich said that a parking violator is told on the ticket that he may have a hearing if he so chooses. The county attorney's office is researching the constitutionality of its ordinance, Emrich said, before towing will resume.

Emrich said the temporary halt does not include emergency towing, such as removing cars parked in front of driveways.