The H Street Project Area Committee (PAC) will hold elections Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to elect members to the board of directors. The new board members, who will serve for two years, will represent residents in the PAC's 18 local districts on H Street urban renewal issues.

The H. Street PAC began in 1972 and is headed by the Rev. Stanley Barry.The PAC concept, said Barry, was intiated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to allow members of the community to express their views on local urban renewal projects. There are presently five PAC's in the District.

"Board members are involved in policy-making for ther area and the entire PAC," explained Barry. "They bring to the full PAC the problems that occur in their area, and we try to see which agencies as can refer the problem to."

Area representatives hold local meetings once a month to discuss community issues, said Barry. His major function as director, he said, is to keep board members informed of new housing programs, resource people, program developments and to disseminate community views through press releases and newsletters.

There are 24 registered candidates for the PAC districts (excluding District 10) on the ballot, he said. Write-in ballots also will be accepted. Candidacy requirements are that the candidate be 18 years old and a resident for six months of the district in which he's running. Each district, said Barry, represents between 800 and 1,000 constituents.

The H Street PAC is located in near Northeast and is bounded on the north by New York Avenue and Mt. Olivet Road; on the east by 26th Street and Oklahoma Avenue; on the south by East Capitol Street; and on the west by North Capitol Street.

Residents planning to vote, said Barry, must do so in the polling places that cover their districts. Additional information about the election can be obtained by calling the PAC office at 547-2211 between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on weekdays, and between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Saturday.

The election cnadidates are: Geneva Miller, District 1; Emma Brooks, District 2; Hattie Galmore, District 3; Alto Taylor and Weldon Hemphill, District 4; James Camel and Mattie Hawkins, District 5; the Rev. Frank Miller, Irene Stewart and Elizabeth Perry, District 6; Alan Johnson, District 7; Sarah McQueen, District 8; Brother C. Honesty Bey, District 9; Norman Caesar, District 11; Garrett Terrell, District 12; Camille Harrison and Shirley Corbett, District 13; Daisy Powell and Katherine Bradley, District 14; Gerald Gete, District 15; Evelyn Clark and Michael Williams, District 16; Eugene Alston, District 17; and Edward Berry Jr., District 18.

The polling places are: Montello Ingram Baptist Church at 914 Massachusetts Ave. NE (Districts 1 and 2); St. Paul Christian Community Church at 414 Tennessee Ave. NE (District 3 and 4); Mt. Horeb Baptist Church at 1507 N. Carolina Ave. NE (District 5 and 6); Peace Baptist Church at 18th and Gales Streets NE, (District 7); Police Community Relations Center at 729 21st St. NE (District 8); Day Care Center at 900 21st St. NE (District 9); Community Methodist Church at 1600 Levis St. NE (District 10); Holy Name Catholic Church at West Virginia Ave. and Neal St. NE (Districts 11 and 12); Douglas Memorial Churcha t 11th and H St. NE (Districst 13 and 14); New Samaritan Baptist Church at 6th Street and Maryland Ave. NE (District 15); Hospitality House, Inc. at 337 H St. NE (District 16) and Mt. Olive Baptist Church at 1140 6th St. NE (District 17 and 18).