Brian Gaston, security guard, resident at 9th and P Street NW: "It's been dead around here since the school was built. People have been disappearing. Now people hang out by the library. There's also not a nice apartment in this whole area. They're just starting urban renewal, but most of the people are leaving anyway. There're no houses. And the houses they are renovating are for sale?

Deacon Gursie Beard, construction worker and member of the Scripture Church of Christ, 9th and O Street NW: "If those houses over the (9th Street) were fixed up you wouldn't have a vacancy. There's no housing. We had four or five church members on O Street (between 9th and 10th), and they had to move out to the suburbs because the houses were condemned."

Earl Taylor, disabled, resident at O and 9th Streets NW: "I tried (to get in an urban renewal house) over here at 12th and M in 1971 until 1975. The District got into it and I had to go back eight times and never got a place. We don't need no library, we need some plce to stay! (Regarding the renovation of the O Street market) . . . a grape will grow as big as a pumpkin before they open that grocery store up."

Bobby Murphy, construction worker, resident at 9th and O Street NW: "My sister's little baby goes to the Shaw School. I think it's a nice school. Sometimes we go to the library to look at the books. The rents are going up around here but they're not fixing the houses. I don't feel too good about that."

Lillie Walker, volunteer worker at UPO, resident at 10th and O Streets NW: "It's a bad neighborhood because of all this dope. I'm scared to walk out of the house. A lady almost got raped in broad daylight in the lost at O and 9th. They hang out in these old abandoned houses pushing dope and robbing. I've been trying to get in these rehabilitated houses. They put me on the waiting list in 1972, and I'm still waiting."

Mary Smith, retired, lives at O and 9th Street NW: "I'm hunting an aparment right now. I'm paying $150 for three rooms plus utilities. I want to go to a new apartment. They tore my old house down and helped me find an apartment. I don't like it worth two cents'. I'm trying to get away from it. At the other place I paid $68 a month and didn't have to pay anything else. I'm trying to get away from here as quick as I can."