If you want to eat pizza, go to Woodbridge. Yes, that's right, Woodbridge. And when you get there - on U.S. 1 of course, since it's Woodbridge's main, and as far as I know only, drag - drive along until you come to the Marumsco Shopping Center, on your left heading south. Turn in, park, get out and head for the vicinity of People's Drug. Somewhere in there, you'll see the sandwich board sign, proppsed up on the sidewalk.

"Brothers' New York Style Subs, Pizza."

Head back along the alley, which runs perpendicular to the rest of the shopping center, and your're there.

We stumbled on the place one night looking for a quick bite before "Star Wars." Recently, we returned with another family of pizza lovers to see if it was really as good as we had thought.

It was!

Brothers' is the perfect family restaurant, patronized by lots of parents and young children. There's an absolutely hideous jukebox - one of the modern kind with a design of illuninated fuchsia records all over it - which the children loved. It's also the kind of place where you can put all the kids at one table while the adults sit at another nearby and pretend it's a civilized evening out. When ours got antsy, we sent them outside to frolic on the sidewalk just the other side of the plate glass windows where we could keep an eye on them.

Actually, there's plenty going on inside the place to entertain most children - namely the brothers themselves. Tom and Vincent Tormetto, who stand behind the counter making pizza continuously. They stretch, pull, whirl the dough. Do all the things you're supposed to. Then put on all the fixings and shove the pies into an enormous double-decked Bari oven.

They brought their recipes and pizza-making secrets to Woodbridge a year ago when they moved to the United-states from Sicily.

Thre prices at Brothers' are reasonable. For large, 18-inch pizzas, prices range from $3.60 for the cheese and tomato, to $8.25 for "Brothers' Sicilian Special." But if you take the standard pizza at $3.60 and start adding sausage, mushrooms, etc., you pay 80 cents for each additional item. We ordered a medium pizza, half with pepperoni, for the children, for $3.60, and a large pie with mushrooms, sausage, and peppers for the adults, $6. My husband, a Philadelphian who can never resist a meatball sandwich, ordered one with peppers. When it came, he pronounced it better than any he's ever eaten in Philly.

The pizzas were served on their pans, piping hot, and everyone got a paper plate and a fork. Napkins were in dispensers on the tables.

To go with our meal, we ordered beer for ourselves, at 50 cents for a big mug, and milk for the children. Our waitress came promptly with the beer but apologized for the delay in bringing the milk. The reason - one of the brothers had to run over to People's and buy some more.

A couple of us had beer refills, and the children all had a second glass of milk. At the end, the bill for four adults and four children was a modest $16.90, not incuding up.

In addition to pizzas and meatball sandwiches, Brothers' also serves a whole array of hoagies, and hot steak sandwiches (cheese steak, pizza steak, steak hoagie, and so on) in the $1.55 to $2 range. You can call ahead for carryout.