The process of paper making has recently been added to the spectrum of means used by artists today. The exhibition of new works by J. Michael Pierce at the Framers Workshop and Gallery, Ltd., in Montgomery Village demonstrates its attractiveness to artists and viewers.

Paper is usually made by casting water-saturated by pulp over a tray of wire mesh, the everyday result being smooth, rectangular, and white. Pierce uses the same process, but drastically alters the form, texture, and color to achieve an almost sculptural effect. The resulting works have an ultimate, poetic quality.

One work, entitled "Petrified Light," looks, indeed, like petrified light. The exhibition contains may works in cast paper, folded prints, and collage in which the artist succeeds in getting his materials to speak. The framing and installation of these unusual works is refined and unpretentious.

Pierce's show is the fifth exhibition of the Framers Workship and Gallery, Ltd., which opened in June. Founded by four young artists with the encouragement of Montgomery Village builder Clarence Kettler, the gallery seeks to be a focal point for interest in art within the community. It offers a comfortable and attractive show space, a frame shop and, in the future classes in art and framing. Above all, it offers the open-mindedness of its founders.