Shepherd Park citizens have expressed concern over the development of adult businesses along Georgia Avenue. Staff reporter Joann Stevens and staff photographer Tom Allen went to Shepherd Park to ask residents how they felt about business development in their community.

Patricia Griffith, writer, resident at Geranium Street and 12th Street NW: "I believe in integrated communities. I think those things have a right to be in business. I don't see any signs of them downgrading the community. I would like to see the revitalization of the commercial area here. I use to live on Capitol Hill and I liked the idea of being able to walk to a commercial area."

Jose Guzman, concreta finisher, resident in 7000 block of Eastern Ave. NW: "They said that (Shepherd Park Restaurant) was a neighborhood place. I don't know. A lot of people were coming to it. They had topless and bottomless dancers. I went there sometimes but I didn't like it. We don't need more businesses here. What we need is parking. There's a lot of people who live here who don't have enough places to park."

Thelma Jackson, retired librarian, resident on 12th Street between Kalmia Road and Eastern Avenue NW: "I don't want to see any mroe of this in the area. I moved here three years ago and I think it's something that is detrimental to the area. I would rather see more nice eating places because they're leaving. I would like a nice, inexpensive restaurant to take my friends to."

Dr. Ira Robinson, professor at Howard University, resident on Primrose Road between 14th Street and Northgate Road NW; "We'd certainly prefer that they not be there. We'd really like our kids in this area. We don't have much in health care here. We need more businesses, in the health care industry."

Gloria Smith, student teacher, pre-kindergarten level at Shepherd Elementary School, 14th Street and Kalmia Road NW: "I'm not a resident of this area but I guess the people here don't like it. We take the kids up there on walks and we go into the grocery store or Walter Reed Medical Center. It would be nice to have a park or monument for the kids to relate to."

Mark Spense, co-owner of the Exxon Station at 7825 Georgia Ave. NW: "The Shepherd (Park Restaurant) bar was a good business. We'd go there sometimes and have a beer. The only thing we don't like is a lot of hippies would come there and (later) they would break into our bathroom (here at the Exxon Station) and drink. That's the only thing we didn't like about it."

Sandra Swann, pre-kindergarten teacher at Shepherd Elementary School, 14th Street and Kalmia Road NW: "I don't come in contact with what's going on up on Georgia Avenue except when I take the children out for a walk. We pass by it but we don't pay that much attention to it. I would like to see some book stores or businesses that render support to children."