The night manager of a Southeast Little Tavern carryout was ordered held on a $20,000 bond yesterday by a D.C. Superior Court judge in connection with the shooting deaths of two persons in the carryout Wednesday nights following what police theorize was a dispute in a love triangle.

James Daniel Garay, 36, of 770 Irving St. NW, was charged in the fatal shooting of Helen Perryman, 27, of 1801 Belle Haven Dr., Landover, day manager of the carryout at 1200 Good Hope Rd. SE, and Reginald G. Copper, 41, of 2406 10th St. NE. The shootings occured at 7:30 p.m. shortly after Garay reported to work, police said.

According to police investigators, Perryman was the girl friend of Garay, who is married and the father of three, but the two broke up recently. Police are working on the theory that Copper had also been seeing Perryman, and was with her at the carryout when Garay arrived at work Wednesday.

Following an autopsy yesterday. Dr. Rak Kim, deputy D.C. medical examiner, said both Perryman and Copper had died from bullet wounds in the head.

Police said that after Garap shot the two victims, he dragged their bodies out of the small restaurant into an alley behind the shop.

The bodies were left lying amid trash and old appliances for nearly four hours while Garay mopped up the blood that resulted from the shooting and went back to work in the hamburger carryout, police said.

Eventually, police said, Garay called his wife, Lugia, known as "Jean," and told her he was in trouble and didn't know to do. Police said Mrs. Garay then took a taxi to the carryout, where her husband told her what had happended and showed her the bodies.

When she asked Garoy if he had called police, Garay - who is known on a first-name basis by many police officers who frequent the shop for coffee - said he had not.

He told his wife he had delaying reporting the shooting so that police officers who came to work on the 4 p.m. to midnight shift Wednesday would not have to work overtime on his case. He said he was waiting to report the incident to officers who would arrive at work at 11 p.m. police said.

Some police officers often talked with Garay during their rest breaks at the carryout and were aware of his extramarital relations and the recent break with Perryman, police said yesterday.

Mrs. Garap telephoned police and summoned them to the carryout Wednesday night. Garay surrendered and was charged with two counts of second-degree murder, police said.

Judge Eugene N. Hamilton ordered Garay held on $20,000 bond and set a preliminary hearing in the case for Nov. 14.