Local chiefs of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees will be in town today through Friday for a leadership conference. AFSCME is the fastest-growing union in the nation, having picked up 100,000 recruits in a little over three years.

AFSCME is one of the few public employee organizatins that supports mandatory coverage under Social Security for federal, state and local government workers. This has caused some bad feeling between AFSCME brass and their postal and federal counterparts. But AFSCME leaders figure mandatory coverage is inevitable, and could save the shaky pension funds of many states.

Thursday Writing Workshop: The National Association of Government Communicators still has a few seats left for its Thursday writing-editing workshop. Sponsored by the local chapter, the Pepco auditorium session will be taught by U.S. Information Agency's Wes Pedersen. Call 296-5772 for reservations.

Anyhow, he works there. Last week a typographical error here promoted Arthur Burnett to the "No. 2" job at the Civil Service Commission. I corrected it to make him the No. 2 legal person at CSC. Stand by for another correction. Along comes an unimpeachable source who advises that Joyce Evans is in fact both the No. 2 and No. 3 legal preson. She so ranks by being acting deputy general counsel and also assistant general counsel.Burnett, is assistant general counsel of the legal adivsory division.