This winter, Montgomery County public schools are making two changes in their plans for delayed openings due to bad weather, and they expect the plans to be welcome news to parents who are employed.

If there is a need for a delayed opening of school, the delay will be only one hour, instead of one hour and a half. Also, when the opening of school is delayed one hour, all students who normally ride buses will be transported. In past years, buses for special education pupils and others in special programs were cancelled when there was a delayed opening.

The school system recommends that parents, students and school employees listen to the radio to find out about Montgomery County public school plans in the event of bad weather. "As soon as we make a decision, we notify radio and TV stations," said School Superintendent Charles M. Bernado.

"If, by 6 a.m., the radio doesn't mention that our schools are closed or opening late, you should assume that we plan a normal day. Telephoning schools, the central office, radio stations or the police only ties up phone lines that may be needed for emergency business," Bernardo added.

If it is necessary to close schools early this winter, radio and television stations will also be notified as soon as the schools make the decision. This will usually be made by 11 a.m., according to the system. In the event of an early dismissal, afternoon kindergarten and Head Start classes will not be held.

All-day or early closing of schools will automatically cancel afternoon and evening activities in all school buildings, including athletic activities, adult education programs, PTA and professional meetings.