Abbott Rembert G. Weakland was consecrated archbishop of Milwaukee in ceremonies there last week. Archbishop Jean Jadot of Washington, apostolic delegate to the United States, presided at the ceremonies.

Father Wilfrid F. Dewan, C.S.P., New York City, has been elected president of the worldwide Paulist Fathers Community. He will assume office next May.

Retired Roman Catholic Archbishop Edward Daniel Howard, observed his 100th birthday last week. An early leader in the ecumenical movement, he is the oldest archbishop in the history of the church in the United States. Formerly head of the Portland archdiocese, he now lives in Beaverton, Oregon.

Ruth Carter Stapleton, evangelist sister of President Carter, has announced plans to open a retreat and outreach center in 1978 on a 30-acre ranch near Argyle, Tex. The ranch, called "Holovita" for "whole life" will be the first of a network of faith-healing centers she hopes to establish around the world, Stapleton said.

Pollster George Gallup told a Roman Catholic evangelism workshop in Marriottsville, Md., that the proportion of adult Catholics in the U.S. population is growing and that more Catholics "feel better" about themselves and their religion than in the past.

But the creator of the Gallup Poll pointed out, 20 per cent of all baptized Catholics in this country over 18 - about 8.5 million - are "totally alienated" from the church and 45 per cent - some 19 million - do not attend church in a typical week.

French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who was threatened with excommunication by Pope Paul VI, plans to build a seminary in the United States to carry on his traditionalist practices.

The 72-year-old prelate is hoping for contributions of $1 million to finance a project comparable to the seminary he established in Econe, Switzerland. He said the priesthood training center would be built somewhere "in the Midwest" to expand the ministry to the "ever growing number of American Catholics who refuse the liberal reforms of Vatican II."

The Philadelphia Friends of Lubavitch have received a collection of Jewish writings, recovered in Poland recently, which were thought to have been destroyed by the Nazis during World War II, at a ceremony in Independence Hall.

The texts, which included rare editions of the Bible, Talmud and historical religious texts dated to the 1400s are considered a vital part of the heritage of the Lubavitchers, an orthodox Jewish group that claims to have 500,000 members in the U.S., Europe and Israel.

Six former students of the Worldwide Church of God school, Ambassador College, have published a magazine criticizing the school, the church and its leaders, Garner Ted Armstrong, 47, and his father, church founder Herbert W. Armstrong, 85.

The authors say the publication cost $10,000 and took two years of research to produce. It features pictures of homes and grounds of church leaders, and cites pressures on adherents to contribute.