Virginia Gov. Mills E. Godwin said today he plans to return to his home in Southeast Virginia and to the boards of several large corporations when he leaves office next month.

Godwin did not name the corporations at a news conference here, saying only that he planned to resume some of the same business relationships he had had before making his second race for governor as a Republican in 1973. Godwin, who served as a Democratic governor from 1966 to 1970, resumed his private law practice in Suffolk and served on the boards of several corporations between his two terms as governor.

"I'm going to be very happy to return to my home at Cedar Point," Godwin said, referring to his white brick home on the Nansemond River in the northeast part of Suffolk. But Godwin seemed to indicate that he is not giving up any of his gubernatorial prerogatives until his successor, Lt. Gov. John N. Dalton, takes office in mid-January.

Godwin said he plans to make several major appointments to state boards and commissions next week instead of leaving the posts open for Dalton to fill. The governor also said he has no immediate plans to endorse any of his party's emerging candidates for the U.S. Senate next year, althought he conceded that some of the candidates have approached him about his role in the race.