A 41-year-old Suitland man shot his wife and 17-year-old son to death and wounded his 7-year-old son yesterday in a quarrel over the use of a car, according to Prince George's County Police.

Police spokesman Sgt. Robert Law said the man, Raymond R. Mileski Sr. of 5816 Suitland Rd. argued with his wife, Delores Marie, 37, over the use of her car to pick their 15-year-old son, who had spent the night at a friend's house.

The 17-year-old son, Raymond Jr., joined the argument, according to police, and the mother left the room. Police said the father, who was charged yesterday with two counts of murder, then allegedly grabbed his high-powered hunting rifle and shot his eldest son.

Police said the mother heard the shot and raced back into the basement where the father allegedly shot her. Police said the bullet went through her body and the basement door striking their youngest son - 7-year old Peter - in the mouth.

The father then rushed Peter to Malcolm Grow Hospital, at Andrews Air Force Base, according to police, who added that he then went and told his 15-year-old son to remain at his friend's home.

Police said the youngest son was transferred from Malcolm Grow Hospital to Prince George's General Hospital where he was in stable condition.

Police said the father then turned himself in to police. He is being held in the Upper Marlboro Detention Center without bond, police said.

The Mileski home sits in a semi-rural enclave facing Suitland Road. The neighbors said they really did not know the family well because they said it was a "you don't bother me and I won't bother you" kind of neighborhood.

A few blocks away past the $50,000 homes and past a large apartment complex, there were a few friends of the family mourning in a small brick home.

"We were like the four Musketeers," said Thomas Goldsmith, an 18-year-old who said he and two other close friends attended school at Suitland Senior High with slain 17-year-old Raymond Jr.

Goldsmith said before he found out about the slaying early yesterday, he and a friend had stopped by to pick up Raymond Jr., "I knocked on the front door and there was no answer. So we went around back to the basement door. I knocked again and there was no answer. But there was blood on the ground. The next thing we knew a neighbor was screaming we shouldn't be around there."

According to Goldsmith there had been argument raging between the Mileskis for the last few months.

Goldsmith said it concerned a boarder that the father had taken in as a helper with him home-based cabinet repair business.

The arguments had become so heated, according to Goldsmith, that the husband began sleeping in the basement of the house. Three days ago, according to Goldsmith, the father slashed his wife's television set during an argument.