"What do you think about the plans for development of the Georgetown waterfronts?" Staff writer Joann Stevens and photographer Robert Malone went to Georgetown to ask residents for their views about the waterfront.

Oswald Lockard, president and general manager of Hawk Wielding Co., 1044 Wisconsin Ave. Nw:" As far as I'm concerned Georgetown has outlived its usefullness as a commercial place. The few people left are being pushed out by development. We're very proud of what we (The Hawk Co.,) have here but we're being squeezed out."

Linda Cude, retired, resident of Cherry Hill Lane: "I'm against it (the proposed development). I'd like to see medium sized houses, town houses and a park. That was all planned at one time and it fell through."

Ron Rae, 30, designer and craftsman of Ron Rae & Associates, 1070 Wisconsin Ave. NW: "In general I'd like to see them develop things the public would have access to like places to eat, parks, playgrounds, walking paths - things that invite family activities. They should restore a small section of it to the way it was in the 1800s. They could restore one of the wharfs and turn a boat into a museum."

Michael Harrison, 25, carpenter, Wisconsin Avenue and K Street NW: "The waterfront is in pretty bad shape at this point. It's no good for a park. Whether they put a hotel there or a park, either way it would take a lot of work."

Donna Hollis, 21, receptionist at Longrap Inc., 3401 K St. NW: "I'd rather see more office buildings than apartments. Down in that area it's really dangerous.About two months ago they had a lot of incidents with people getting raped and robbed down there. It's not even that safe for people getting off at 5 o'clock. Besides I wouldn't want little children playing around the docks."

Tom Keigley, 23, shop foreman at The Door Store, 107 Wisconsin Ave. NW: "I would like to see something like Old Town, where they would take all the old buildings here and revamp them. You've got a heck of a good shopping area here and it (the proposed development) is going to ruin what Georgetown is all about. It's a shame to waste the architecture here."

Bill Cochran, 37, architect, 1028 Wisconsin Ave. NW: "As long as there's going to be residential property mixed right in with it I don't find what they propose to do offensive. People always knock the Dodge project because it's strictly a dead place at night. It's pretty dead during the day too. Hopefully it will fill up soon."