This year's United Way campaign has received pledges totaling $14,129,730, according to a recent mid-campaign announcement.

There are 149 social agencies in the metropolitan area that receive funds from the United Way. They include 107 of the United Way of the National Capital Area and 42 of the United Black Fund, a partner in the fund-raising campaign. This year's campaign ends Dec. 9.

Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co. employees and the Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO, have pledged more than $1.049 million6. The area's largest private employer, the telephone company is the first business in local United Way history to exceed $1 million in employee contributions.

"Healthy increases" were reported in all seven United Way regions of the metropolitan Area. Results reported as of Nov. 15: Alexandria, $175,876; Arlington, $66,651; District of Columbia, $512,780; Fairfax-Falls Church, $139,865; Montgomery, $127,458; Prince George's, $151,802, and Prince William, $24,911.

It also was reported that $2,889,022 had been solicited so far by the Major Employee Groups division which has resposibility for the employee campaigns of the top 500 companies in the Washington area1. Another $128,560 in pledges have been solicity by the Major Corporate Gifts division. It was reported that the Combined Federal Campaign, among the area's 350,000 federal employees, is having its best year ever, with a total of $7,306,071 collegected so far. Money raised by the CFC also goes to support the International Services Agencies, which include CARE and Project HOPE, and National Health Agencies such as the American Heart Association.

Other contributions reported:

The Pacesetter Corporate Gifts division, which includes selected corporations in the community; $1,922,129; the Labor division, which has solicited contributions from about 200, $31,897; the Major Accounting Firms division, $133,737; the Major Law Firms division, $93,346; the Associations division, $133,541, and the Special Gifts division, which solicits selected individual contributors, $281,081.