The D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics has certified the election of six members of the city school board following the Nov. 2 election.

Certification of a seventh apparent winner, in ward eight (far southeast Washington) was delayed because of a lawsuit filed against him by a campaign worker for one of his opponents.

None of the final, official tabulations changed the results or the relative standings of any of the candidates.

Following are the official tabulations, with winners in boldface type: At Large (Two Elected)(TABLE) Barbara Lett Simmons(COLUMN)22.814 Frank Shaffer-Corona(COLUMN)12.112 Stewart Rosenblatt(COLUMN)9.638 Afrodita Constantinidis(COLUMN)4.167 Write-ins(COLUMN)1.243 Ward 2(COLUMN) Alaire Rieffel(COLUMN)2.361 Alverta Munlyn(COLUMN)1.217 Write-ins(COLUMN)26 Ward 3(COLUMN) Carol Schwartz(COLUMN)5.452 Kenneth T. Lange(COLUMN)1.243 Gwen Graham Reiss(COLUMN)387 Write-ins(COLUMN)22 Ward 4(COLUMN) Victoria T. Street(COLUMN)3.1066 Gilbert A. Diggs(COLUMN)2.182 Philip Pannell(COLUMN)880 Write-ins(COLUMN)36 Ward 7(COLUMN) Minnie S. Woodson(COLUMN)2.629 Gloria J. Anderson(COLUMN)1.529 Rufus Mayfield(COLUMN)412 Write-ins(COLUMN)35(END TABLE)

Following is the final, unofficial tabulation from ward eight:(TABLE) R. Calvin Lockridge(COLUMN)806 Wilbert Williams(COLUMN)735 Genevieve Artis(COLUMN)389 Write-ins(COLUMN)17(END TABLE)

Following is the tabulation of results from two ballot questions, in which voters were asked whether they wanted to establish procedures for initiative and referendum, and for recall. Initiative and referendum is a method by which voters may enact or repeal legislation by a public vote; recall is a method for unseating elected officials. Congressional approval still is required. Initiative and Referendum(TABLE) Yes(COLUMN)27.097 No(COLUMN)5.627 Recall(COLUMN) Yes(COLUMN)28.019 No(COLUMN)4.377(END TABLE)

Official results from the Advisory Neighborhood Commission elections will be certified later, the elections board said.