For slightly less than $100 a year, Northern Virginians my enroll in a pre-paid legal services plan that covers a variety of legal expenses. Until recently, the Family Legal Services plan, which is being marketed by Benefit Services of Reston, was only open to members of one General Services Administration federal credit union. Enrollment in the plan is open until Jan. 1. According to Nathaniel B. Floyd, executive vice president of Benefit Services, the Family Legal Services plan covers expenses, including unlimited legal consultations, incurred in cases involving divorce, consumer law, land-loard-tenant actions, simple wills and other legal documents, and some traffic violations.

In civil suits, medical malpractice cases or those involving injuries sustatined in automobile accidents, all of which frequently involve large cash awards, the plan pays the initial $1,000. The remainder is negotiable with the local attorney assigned to each subscriber.

In order to prevent a deluge of calls from subscribers who want instant divorces, there is a six-month waiting period after enrollment before beginning proceedings invelving divorces. Subscribers must wait 90 days on felony charges and cases involving wills and probates and 30 days for consultations involving preventive law including realestate title searches.