"What can be done to decrease traffic accidents at Chevy Chase Circle?" There have been 59 auto accidents at Chevy Chase Circle this year. Staff reporter Joann Stevens and photographer Robert Malone went to the Chevy Chase area to ask persons there about what could be done to decrease traffic casualties at the circle.

Lucy Anderson, retired lawyer resident at Connecticut Avenue and Appleton Street NW: "I think they should do like they did at Westmoreland Circle. They chopped down some of the trees and put up a barrier.

Curtis Chamberlain, 35, Metro bus operator and supervisor for the Northwest area: "They need a light on the other side of the circle similar to what they have at Dupont Circle. They need two more lights on Western Avenue and the other side of Connecticut Avenue so that people coming at a high rate of speed out of Maryland into the District would show down."

Chris Higgins, 20, Chevy Chase resident and English major at Wheeling College in West Virginia: "They have to take that dumb tree out of there. They should have done it the first time it happened. The tree is right on the Maryland D.C. line and you slide off into it. A good friend of mine was in a leg cast over a year because of that tree. He was on a motorcycle, someone ran into him and knocked him into the tree."

Carolina Duerra, 24, X-ray technician student at Montgomery College, resident at Connecticut Avenue and Van Ness Street NW: "I think they must cut down the trees. There have been many accidents for that reason."

David Parry, tour operator, resident at Board Branch and McKinley NW: "The Maryland Roads Commission refuses to put a stop light on the Maryland side. It's been going on 20 years. That's a beautiful circle. The trees don't need to be cut down. If we made the world to fit automobiles we'd be in sad shape."

Janice Spencer, employee at Magruder Supermarket, Connecticut Avenue and North Hampton Street NW: "They need to cut the trees down and put up some more lights. Some bigger and brighter lights."

Danny Price, 25, Metro bus operator at Connecticut Avenue and McKinley NW: "It's the cab drivers. Most of the time, if not 100 per cent of the time, cab drivers are responsible for the accidents. Give them a stop where they can pick up people. Otherwise, when someone throws up their hand they pull out into traffic without considering the other drivers.