A small trailer home in a tiny Southern Maryland town informally known as Dogpatch was the target of an alcohol raid by Maryland state authorities who destroyed a 50-gallon copper still yesterday and confiscated 7 1/2 gallons of moonshine whisky, the state comptraller is office reported.

Maryland State Police state alcohol and Tobacco tax agents and Charles County sheriffs deputies arrested two men after an undercover purchase of the alleged illegal whiskey and discovered a rubber hose leading out from the trailer home to the still.

A sheriff's deputy in that small town explained yesterday that the town's official name was Malcolm, but the town's people have called it Dogpatch for several decades.

Thomas G! Wills, 54, of Brandywine, was charged with possession of a still and possession and sale of untaxed alcohol, according to a comptroller's spokesman, while Alton E. Chapman, 59, was arrested and charged with possession of untaxed alcohol.

Both men were being held without bond pending a court hearing the spokesman added.

Marvin Bond, the comptroller's spokesman, said state alcohol and tobacco agents allegedly had purchased moonshine from Wills at the Dogpatch house trailer owned by Chapman.

Bond said state authorities also seized 350 gallons of mash - the grain mixture used to manufacture whiskey - and 300 pounds of sugar.

"It was definitely an operation for profit. These people were not making the alcohol for themselves and friends," said Bond, who explained that the operation could clear up to $400 a week.