Arthur E. (Scotty) Scott, 64, a Washington news photographer for many years and then a photographer for the U.S. Senate, died of cancer Friday at Fairfax Hospital.

Mr. Scott was born in Montplier, Vt., and came to Washington as a youth. He began as a copyboy on the old Washington Times and then became a photographer on the paper and was assigned to Capitol Hill in 1935. He continued to work on the Hill until his retirement as photo historian of the Senate in 1976.

In the years between, he worked for the old International News Service. When INS was merged with United Press International, he worked briefly for a newsphoto firm in Washington.

In 1955, he set up a photographic unit for the Republican Senatorial Committee. He continued working for that organization until he was appointed Senate photo historian shortly before his retirement.

Mr. Scott was a past president of the White House Press Photographers Association, a regional director of the National Press Photographers, and a member of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain. He was a founder of the Senate Club's "History Buffs of Capitol Hill."

Survivors include his wife, Grace L., of the home in Centrevoille, Va., a daughter, Anna S. Cunningham, of Raritan, N.J., and five grandchildren.