Two men were shot and an undetermined amount of money was stolen during an armed holdup of a crap game late Saturday night, D.C. police reported.

Police said the crap game at 2006 9th St. NW involved about 50 players. The building where the game was being held is a vacnt storefront described by police as a regular location for high stakes crap games.

The two men injured were identified as Melvin Johnson, 36, of 4131 Illinois Ave. NW and Bernard Lee, 23 of 1422 Longfellow St. NW. Both were treated at Howard University hospital and released. Police gave the following account of the incident: About 11:45 p.m. three men entered the room. Two wore ski masks and carried sawed off shotguns.

One of the armed men ordered everyone to lie down on the floor and place their money infront of them. When several failed to comply quickly enough shots were fired and Johnson and Hampton were struck.

Then, while the two armed men held their guns on the rest of the victims, the third man gathered the money from the floor and the three escaped. Police said late Sunday morning they had no leads on the suspects. Many of the men holdup men without waiting for the police.

"In a case like this it's hard to find out how much was lost because no one wants to talk to the police," one detective said. "Usually everyone just grabs whatever they can and gets out."

Police also said that several of the men involved in the game apparently thought the holdup men were police officers conducting a raid when they first entered and several tried to get rid of their money by flushing it down thetoilet.