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The Fairlington Players recently spent three weekends in a vain attempt to breathe new life into Garson Kanin's "Born Yesterday," a creaky comedy now 30 years old.

It's about a blonde floozie who starts out with little more than a great knack for beating her macho mobster boyfriend at gin rummy but ends up educated, liberated and aligned with a journalist tutor who convinces her that the wisdom of the sages will surely overcome the evils of the mob and the pol.

The best playing came from Ron Field, the mobster's mouthpiece, Bruce Follmer was not so successful with the inflections of a New Jersey gangster. While Jo Brown, who in the beginning thinks Peninsula is the new medicene but eventually cried out, "You don't love me, you love my brain," doesn't quite bring off the character change that should come from three months' work with tutor Frank Ludwig.