In as much as many of you will be responding to the fund appeal on behalf of Children's Hospital, several reminders may be in order.

1. Please do not send cash by mail, not even if you're determined to remain anonymous. Names of individual givers are never revealed here. I have no secretary and no helpers; I open all the mail myself, and never blab.

2. Please make your check to the order of Children's Hospital. Do not make it to me or to The Washington Post.

3. Yes, your gift to Children's Hospital is tax deductible. The hospital is a nonprofit institution dedicated to the service of indigent children of every race and creed.

4. Whether you give through this column or send your gift directly to the hospital, your money will accomplish the same good purpose. The only difference is that if you send it through me, I know about it and can write about it. When groups or organizations are the donors, I can identify them here, whereas, I can't list all those who contribute directly to the hospital.

5. My mailing address is: Bill Gold, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071. If this column isn't handy when you want to address you envelope, be advised that we print our address and ZIP number every day on page 2.

Thank you for your cooperation. I hope we'll be able to conclude our campaign quckly and (more important) successfully.