In the latest of a series of findings involving questionable welfare payments in the city, the D.C. Department of Human Resources had determined that 116 of 142 Department of Health, Education and Welfare employees on the city's welfare rolls were receiving improper payment.

DHR director Albert P. Russo announced yesterday that the majority of those people, 77, were found to be ineligible for payments through the Aid to Families with Department Children program because their current incomes exceed ther eligibility requirements.

Another 39 persons, whose incomes apparently had increased since they were first certified for the program, have been receiving more money than they are entitled to, Russo said.

Russo said that payments to those being overpaid have been reduced to the proper levels, and that payments to those who are ineligible have been stopped. In 24 other instances, families were found to have been underpaid, and those persons now are receiving larger payments, Russo said.

Russo said the total amount of improper payments totaled $327,712. City officials still have not determined whether to ask any of the recipients to repay the money or whether to seek criminal charges against any of these improperly paid.

Yesterday's announcement signaled the conclusion of the eligbility determinations for the HEW workers. DHR is still investigating, however, the status of some of the 1,295 city employees and 1,570 other federal employees who receive welfare payments from the city.