More than 4,000 Washingtonians, a record number, will receive occupational training and job opportunites under federally financed manpower programs during fiscal year 1978, the mayor's office announced yesterday.

In addition, 390 disadvantaged youth are expected to be trained and placed in jobs in a number of specialties for which subsidized training previously has not been provided, the announcement said.

The training and job placement is part of a national program authorized by the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA). Those chosen for the programs are paid the minimum wage of $2.30 an hour during training.

The 4,000 jobs for which training will be provided are in such fields as clerk-typist, automobile repair, retail sales management, health services, carpentry, painting and computer operations, according to Thomas A. Wilkins, director of the D.C. Manpower Department. About 3,000 jobs were provided last year under the program.

For those needing it, classroom training in the English language will be provided, Wilkins said.

The training will be provided by 13 community organizations and institutions selected by the city under an open bidding process.

Funds for the program will total $11.3 million, allocated by the U.S. Department of Labor, Mayor Walter E. Washington has requested an additional $1.3 million.

The training and job placement for the 390 disadvantaged youth will be provided under a separate grant of $2 million authorized by the New Youth Employment Act, according to tentative word from the Labor Department.

The allocation is based on the District's current unemployment rate of 17.8 per cent for youth. Training for this group, between the ages of 16 and 21, will be in such fields as structural weatherization, recycling of waste materials, computer technology, washer-dryer repair and repair of such devices as office machines and household appliances.

Unemployed residents of the District of Columbia may apply for the job training at the Manpower Department central office, 500 C St. NW (at Pennsylvania Avenue), or at the seven D.C. Neighborhood Job Service Centers.