A group of about 40 club-wielding young demonstrators, who call themselves the Committee Against Racism clashed with uniformed members of the local American Nazi Party at its Arlington headquarters, injuring four people, police said.

According to police, the chanting demonstrators at the Nazi headquarters off Wilson Boulevard in Clarendon threw eggs and rocks, smashing several windows.

About seven Nazis, one of whom carried a ball and chain, then emerged from the building, on which hangs a large "White Power" sign. The Nazis began battling the demonstrators, who were themselves armed with clubs and ax handles, police said.

A few minutes later, when more than 30 police cruisers arrived, the demonstrators fled on foot up Wilson Boulevard and surrounding streets. No arrests were made.

One demonstrator, identified by police as Paulette Chikiar, 30, of 1613 Harvard St. NW in the District was treated at Arlington Hospital and released.

Also treated and released were Nazi Party members Arthur Mitchell and Richard Janos of 2507 N. Franklin Rd., Arlington, and Kenneth Badders of 4606 Frankford Rd., Baltimore.

A leaflet distributed by the demonstrators stated, "What the Nazi need is not free speech but free 2x4s to have their heads smashed in with."

Last month, young people calling themselves the Committee Against Racism invaded the American University radio station while it was conducting a telephone interview with a Nazi Party member. After The Washington Post published an editorial critical of the committee's action the group briefly entered the Post newsroom to protest.