Dr. Frederico G. Arthes, whose son was kidnapped last year by a child molester who was later convicted of murdering two boys, said he has begun a study of child molester and their victims.

Arthes, an internist for John's Hopkins Hospital, said the study will focus on how child molesters think and the psychological effects they and their attacks have on victim. Arthes said he decided to initiate the study when his con Billy, was rescued by police and returned safely in March, 1976.

Billy, now 12, was rescued March 24, 1976, in the company of Arthur Fredrick Goode 111, a former mental patient who has since been convicted in the murders of a 11-year-ols Fairfax County boy and a 9-year-old Florida boy. The 23-year-old Goode has been accused of attacking small boys since he was 14.

"After my son returned, we talked with child psychiatrists at John's Hopkins and found that there is very little effective research on child molesters," Arthes said.

He said the study, for which he plans apply for a medical grant, is needed so "we can try to remove child molesters from society and try to rehabilitate children who have been molested."

"This is my way of trying to pay off my debt to society," Arthes said of the study. "I got my boy back in one piece. He's doing fine. He's back to his newspaper route. He goes to school. He never saw a psychiatrist. It's amazing."

Goode says he kidnapped Billy Arthes March 15 as the boy was folding newspapers on the street corner in Towson. He then took Billy, then 10, to Virginia where he forced him to watch the murder of 11-year-old Kenny Dawson, a Falls Church youth, according to court testimony.

Billy Arthes testified about the murder during Goode's trial in Fairfax County.

"When we went to trial (in Fairfax County), I asked him (Billy) why he wanted to testify," Arthes said yesterday."He told me, 'I want to make sure he (Goode) doesn't walk the streets again.'"

"I don't want him (Goode) to be killed," said Dr. Arthes, who along with the parents of the two boys Goode is convicted of killing has received letters from Goode in prison.

"This kind of fellow - I don't hate him. Maybe I should. I do believe these people should be removed from society as soon as possible."

Arthes said with the help of child psychiatrists at John's Hopkins and several Baltimore County agencies, including the police, the state's attorney's office and social services, he hopes to track down known child molesters and their victims for purposes of the e said, the psychological effects of the attacks on the vld molester to study, among other things, social, economic, psychological and family interactions. In addition, he said, the psychological effects of the attacks on the cictims would be studied.

Arthes said the exact direction of the study has not been determined, but he plans to meet with people in each of the agencies involved to outline the study.

Goode, who has been sentenced to die in the electric chair for the murder of the 9-year-old Florida boy, has never been tried on the kidnap charges involving Billy Arthes. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder conviction involving the Fairfax County youth.