Two Prince George's County men have been arrested and charged with extortion after they picked up a package containing $1,000 at a prearranged point, county police reported.

Police said that Gilbert L. Siler, 18, of 6313 Landover Rd., Landover, and Emmett L. Mozon, 19, of 823 Booker Dr., Seat Pleasant were both arrested at the corner of Carrington Avenue and Carrington Place in Seat Pleasant shortly after 6 p.m. Saturday.

According to police, the investigation began Wednesday when Wilbert Henry, 47, of 1824 Booker Pl. in Seat Pleasant, arrived home to find a note attached to his front door, police reported.

In the note Henry was told that if he did not produce $1,000 his daughter "would be injured," police said. Police yesterday refused to release the name and age of Henry's daughter.

Over the next two days, police said, Henry received a total of four phone calls telling him where and how to leave the money.

Henry left the money at the appointed location late Saturday afternoon, police said. In the meantime, police said they had surrounded the area. When Siler and Mozon arrived and picked up the package they were arrested.

Siler and Mozon were released yesterday on $1,000 bond each. They are scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 16.